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We are Taiwan manufacturer, supplier, exporter and factory of rich quality Flame Retardant Fiber products. we have more than 8 years special production experience strict process control standards. Welcome to order our products and we are looking forward to serving your demand. If you have any inquiries and suggestions, please feel free to contact us.
  • Fireproof Fiber Fireproof Fiber
    Flame Retardant Fiber is the use of phosphorus compounds made of polyester fibers spun from.
    Belong to long-term flame retardant products, with a permanent flame retardant effect is not easy since the burning in a fire is burning, the fiber will be a miniature form spherical, high security fireproof material.
    With elimination of fire is flame resistance, in addition to combustion does not produce halogen gas Anquan Jia. Adding the flame resistant fiber, flame resistance, excellent durability and waterproofing.
  • Fireproof Fibers Fireproof Fibers
    Basic fire prevention measures, namely, " does not cause the fire countermeasures.
    Flammability of textile products when burned, release harmful gases, the extent of the harm to the human body, far more than fireproof textiles. Therefore, curtains, carpets and other fabrics with the fireproof effect has been large-scale use to become the object of legal regulation of the places where buildings.
    Recommended the development of flame retardant fabrics can not be intertwined with other kinds of yarn, so as not to affect the fabric flame retardant effect.
  • Fire Retarding Fiber Fire Retarding Fiber
    Flame retardant fiber with self-extinguishing feature, not wide spread of fire, the combustion gas is not toxic, safe. Stability of Flame Retardant Fiber size, non-irritating, can be washed or dry-cleaning.
    Fiber melting point is 255℃, the LOI value of 32 or more delay burning flame, the flame no longer continue to burn after the departure of.
    Fiber material LOI value of 26 or above, with the flame retardant characteristics .
    For curtains, bedding, furniture, tents, industrial fabrics, sofa, car seat fabric, carpet, apparel and so on fire products.
  • Fireproof Fibre Fireproof Fibre
    Specifications: 1.5D~15D  32mm、38mm、44mm、51mm、64mm、76mm
    Packaging: 250~270 kg / bale
    Minimum order quantity: 2000kg
    Transaction mode: T / T  or  L / C
With advanced science and technology, our company develops and manufactures various kinds of Flame Retardant Fiber. Through the continuous optimization and innovation, we抣l try our best to offer the sincere service for our customers. Please contact us if you are free.

We are engaged in offering a qualitative variety of Flame Retardant Fiber. The flame-retardant fiber is developed on the basis of the results in the national "863" plan a new high-tech fiber material for the performance of the flame-retardant anti-droplet. The product uses a new generation of fiber flame retardant technology - sol-gel technology, make the inorganic polymer nm state or flame retardant viscose fiber organic macromolecules exist interpenetrating network status, both to ensure that the fibers of the excellent physical properties , and to achieve a low-smoke, non-toxic, odor-free, does not melt dripping characteristics. The fibers and textiles but also has the effect of flame retardant, heat insulation and anti-droplet, application performance, security, performance, and value-added have been greatly improved, and can be widely used in the field of civil, industrial and military.
The Flame Retardant Fiber is widely used in protective clothing, household items, decorative items, clothing and minors clothing, non-woven fabrics and fillers. Clothing made from flame retardant fiber gives the wearer more time to get away from a burning environment, substantially reduce burn injuries and heighten chances of survival when trapped in a flash fire or electric arc. Moreover, our range of product is widely appreciated for quality fabrics and tensile strength and is widely used in various industries for varied purposes. As the flame retardant regulations in China and continuously improve, the flame-retardant fiber textile product development efforts will continue to increase, permanent flame retardant fabric textile market in China will become the new hot spot, the scope of application of the flame-retardant fiber will be more and more widely. Our company will provide a competitive price for our products.
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